About the extension

Defacer hides Facebook buttons and links on all websites (except Facebook). Here is what it currently hides:

  • Big annoying "Like" and "Recommend" buttons
  • Other iFrames with facebook content
  • Most "Share on Facebook" buttons

Future improvements
Here's what whe are working on for Defacer v2.0. Please send us your own suggestions (see below).

  • Preview-mode where the user can see what is being removed
  • White-list
  • Ability to block share-buttons from other sites


  1. Enable developer mode and then manually enable Extensions in Safari. Click here for instructions.
  2. Download the Defacer Safari Extension
  3. Open the downloaded file to install.
  4. Note: Defacer only works in Safari 5 and later

Try it out

After installing Defacer, the area below should the blank:

Support / Suggestions

If you have suggestions or spot an error (or worse, facebook share-buttons) visit our forums or notify us on twitter: @babelstudios


Defacer is a quick hack and is provided as-is. Currently it gives no warnings about what it hides. It has not been extensively tested.


Click the link below to download and install the Extension.

Source Code

Feel free to download and modify the source code.

Defacer Safari Extension source code is provided under New BSD License.

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